Why doesn’t Balneol make wipes?

Many very satisfied customers have written to us with recommendations, including turning Balneol® into wipes. We have researched creating Balneol lotion wipes, but discovered two major concerns:


  • In order to create Balneol wipes, the formula would have to be watered down. We do not want to alter the integrity of the trusted Balneol formula.
  • Wipes often clog toilets and cause plumbing issues.

The great thing about using Balneol pocket-sized convenience lotion packets is that all you need is toilet paper! It’s easy to use as little or as much as you need.

Did you know…
You can safely flush toilet paper with Balneol® on it down the toilet without the worry of clogging. No embarrassment when you’re using a restroom on-the-go.