Who needs Balneol?

Anyone might need a soothing, multi-purpose lotion like Balneol® every once in a while.

Anyone who has ever experienced a bout of diarrhea knows that frequent wiping with dry, scratchy toilet paper can make the area “down there” extra sensitive.

But it’s not just handy for diarrhea!

Balneol is used for many different occasions when irritation, discomfort or dryness of the anal or vaginal area occurs. Women love it during pregnancy, after childbirth and even during menopause. Runners love it to help relieve chaffing. And doctors trust Balneol enough to recommend it to their patients!

Safe for the whole family to use — mom, dad or kids!

Whether your discomfort is the result of digestive issues that cause diarrhea or constipation or it’s the result of life style choices or the normal physical changes of aging, Balneol is a soothing, cleansing lotion safe to use on the anal or vaginal areas.