Do I need to rinse Balneol off with water?

No. One of the reasons that Balneol® is so useful is that you do not have to rinse it off with water. That’s why people find the travel packets handy in a pinch.

Discreet and effective

Imagine using a public restroom — you can’t exactly get up and walk to the sink, can you? Balneol cleansing lotion is your secret weapon for public bathrooms and going on-the-go.

Doctors have been recommending Balneol cleansing lotion as a hygienic solution to soothe and clean “down there” for more than 30 years because it effectively removes fecal matter without water.

Easy to use!

Simply squeeze a dollop of Balneol lotion onto toilet paper, wipe the area and flush! No special wipes, no water needed.