How often can I use Balneol?

The great thing about Balneol® lotion is that you can use it as often as necessary! If you’re lucky, you only need Balneol once or twice a year, but for those with digestive issues, Balneol cleansing lotion can be very handy in the bathroom year-round.


Because it is non-medicated, you can use Balneol every time you use the bathroom.

  • first thing in the morning
  • for moisturizing between bathroom breaks
  • for soothing between bowel movements
  • to cleanse during bouts of diarrhea
  • at bedtime to ensure a comfortable, uninterrupted sleep
Balneol is for anyone, any time!

Balneol provides soothing relief to men and women, people with digestive issues, pregnant women, post-partum mothers, mature adults as well as kids. (Sorry Fido, you’ll have to get your own lotion.)