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Customer Testimonials, continued


Our customers love Balneol®, and you will too! Submit a testimonial telling us about your experiences with Balneol hygienic cleansing lotion.


“Tried everything else with little luck.”

I am so lucky I happened to see a T.V. commercial for Balneol one night. I have had rectal problems for years caused by chronic diarrhea and continuous wiping which always left me sore and extremely irritated. I even cut way back on how often and how much I ate so I wouldn't have to use the bathroom as much, lost a lot of weight in the process. Doctors prescribed creams which helped a little but still I was miserable. Of all the doctors I went to, not one ever mentioned Balneol. I saw a commercial for Balneol one night and went straight to Wal-Mart (they're open 24/7) and they had it. I bought it because like others on here, I have tried everything else with little luck. Within an hour of using the Balneol the discomfort started to ease up and actually went away. I will not go anywhere without a bottle in my pocket from now on. I've learned that if you apply some before you have a bowel movement, cleanup is a lot easier and a lot less painful, then I apply a little more when I'm finished. I also use medicated/pre-moistened wipes. This product really needs to be advertised more so more people know about it. I really can't begin to tell you how much this product has improved my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating Balneol, and I beg you, please don't ever stop making it. Thank you so much. - Joseph


“It immediately soothed the area.”

 I wanted to try Balneol lotion after seeing an ad in a magazine. I didn't know there was a lotion that was specifically formulated for use in the anal area--other than Preparation H or other hemorrhoidal medications--that soothes irritation and itching. Anyway, I decided to give Balneol a try, since I get occasional itching and dryness down there, particularly after having diarrhea, and I must say that it works well. I used some after getting irritated and it immediately soothed the area without being greasy like Prep H. I also liked that it was just a topical lotion, unlike Prep H, and doesn't need to be rinsed off. Perfect! If you have occasional dryness or itching in the rectal area, I would definitely suggest trying Balneol. It has a light-clean scent and is easy to apply. - Alex


“Very gentle and healing.”

My doctor recommended this product and it has really made a difference for me. It is very gentle and healing in a very delicate area.


“Using Balneol for 8 yrs.”

I have been using Balneol for 8 yrs. Over the years I have had problems keeping myself clean. I had to keep going to the bathroom and cleaning myself. But since I started using Balneol on a cotton ball and cleaning after each bowel movement, I no longer need to continue going back to the bathroom to wipe. One other thing, I have had continued hemorrhoid issues and this is also a Godsend for keeping me clean and without discomfort!!! - P. Inglese


“What a life saver!!”

The year 1984 I had my colon removed due to illness I went for a year before I found this product. What a life saver!! When I told my doctor about Balneol his words were “Didn't I tell you about that?” I almost put my foot where he would need the Balneol .  I have to carry around a bottle where ever I go. I have to use it at least ten times a day and it has never had any side effects. Thank you for the wonderful product. A few years ago I could not find it anywhere. I even resorted to making my own blend.   It didn't work.

P.S. Bigger bottles would be nice to save me some money since I use two bottles a week. Thanks again. -R. J. Cardo


“Must-have in your medicine cabinet.”

A definite must have in your medicine cabinet (Balneol convenience packets). If you have any problems with issues in the rear end department, this is the stuff to have on hand. It is great for when you travel and don't want to carry the bottle. Convenient and such a relief. - B.J. Murray


“Balneol was the turning point for me.”

After months of struggling with this ever-embarrassing problem, Balneol was the turning point for me. It's smooth, refreshing, and you can use it as often as you like. No three-times-a-day limits or anything like it. Just use it whenever, with no consequences. It makes the skin feel much fresher and softer, both of which are quite important. After one week of regular use (both right after and away from bowel movements) almost all the itching, burning and pain had disappeared. Within two weeks, all was gone. The only downside is that it's so expensive... but healthcare isn't where you should be cutting your budget anyway. - Claudio D’Amato


“Almost no itching.”

My anal itch suffering lasted at least a year. I tried creams & powders with no relief. In fact, I had a bad reaction on one cream that left my anal region in scabs! The doctor prescribed a non-steroid analgesic that hardly did a thing and burned like mad. I bought Balneol, applied it one evening before bed and slept all night. I've used it twice a day for a week and have had almost no itching. And when I do, it’s nothing and goes away in a moment. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. - David


“No more sleepless nights.”

I have suffered debilitating anal itch for many years now. I have tried every remedy from the simple finger-scratch to the more expensive elaborate bottles of heavily perfumed anal relief creams. It was to my great pleasure that I found this product, just one spoonful applied to even the cheapest of toilet paper resulted in my crying in exaltation at the relief it brought me!!! Finally, no more sleepless nights, no more embarrassing moments. I am a free man. I am indebted. - C. Collins


“It made a HUGE difference after the very first use.”

I had tried everything to soothe the itching of my hemorrhoids. Nothing worked! Most stuff I used just irritated it worse and burned extremely bad. I saw Balneol at my local Super-Center and bought it because it was the only thing I had not tried and I was at my wits end. I was leary of the price at first (about $12 a bottle) because I had already spent so much money on things that didn't work. I can honestly say that it made a HUGE difference after the very first use. I love it! It doesn't burn and it's Heaven sent! I am so glad I bought it and will never be without it again. THANK YOU! - B. Smith


“Balneol is an amazing product!”

My problem got worse over a few days. I was using cortisone cream thinking it would help with the itching. I didn't know I was making the problem worse. Yesterday morning I was in misery with intense burning and itching. I had bought Balneol the day before. I should have started it then, but started using it yesterday morning. This morning when I got up, I was so much better and as the day has progressed, I am amazingly better. Yesterday, I thought I would have to go to the doctor in the morning, but not now! I will always be sure I have Balneol on hand and on trips with me, too. Thank you for your wonderful product! - MJC


“Going to the bathroom 10+ times a day.”

I have Crohn's disease and Balneol is heaven-sent. It makes going to the bathroom sometimes 10+ times a day more bearable. It truly starts working the second you use it. I highly recommend it. - Liz


“Surgeon recommended Balneol.”

Oh my goodness. This is a MIRACLE. I had a fissure that lead to a fistula and for over 3 months I have tried every product out there. After going to a surgeon he recommended Balneol and after one day use I am finally relieved from all the horrible itching and irritation I was experiencing.


“Soothing and not greasy.”

I am going through menopause and it has helped calm the itching and burning. The amazing thing is is that I went to a drug store looking for feminine wipes and by chance found it on the very bottom shelf of the isle. I'm glad I found it.


“The doctors recommend Balneol.”

I just wanted to say I work for colo-rectal surgeons and they absolutely love this product. They treat everything from hemorrhoids, fissures, to anal and colon cancers. The doctors recommend Balneol for everything, and we used to give samples religiously when we received samples. I myself have also used it on my infant when she has had diaper rash and it worked wonders. Thanks for the wonderful product. - Lauren


“Doesn't sting or irritate at all.”

I have been using Balneol since the mid-1980's after having rectal surgery. I also have had hemorrhoid surgery too. I have scar tissue and this product is absolutely wonderful. It doesn't sting or irritate at all. It relieves. It makes you feel clean and that is the most important thing ever. I highly recommend it. If you can't find it, any pharmacy can order it for you. I have a bottle in each bathroom and keep on in my purse. This is a product I keep at all times, like you would keep aspirin or Tylenol. It’s the best!!!!


“NO ITCHING for the first time in about three years.”

I discovered Balneol while looking at a web site about menopause. I have been experiencing intense vaginal itching for quite some time now and nothing I tried to relieve the symptoms worked. I purchased Balneol at a Kroger store and applied it for the first time last night. NO ITCHING for the first time in about three years. Thank you for making this product and please do not stop. For all the women suffering for menopause, I highly recommend buying Balneol. - Mary


“A completely itch-free night.”

I suffered for two months from terrible itching on my vulva. Everything I tried only worked for a few minutes, then the itching was back, sometimes so intense it woke me up at night. After reading the reviews for Balneol, I decided to give it a whirl. Let me just tell you this: It was SO NICE to have a completely itch-free night the first time I used it. This product is a MIRACLE and I hope they never stop making it. I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor and this product solved my problem. Highly recommended! I don't care what it costs... it's worth every penny!


“Love your product.”

I just wanted to tell you how much I love your product and to please don't ever stop making it. After suffering for two months from terrible itching “down there” and trying various products with no luck, I decided to try your product as a last resort. After one application I have enjoyed my first itch-free night in months! I'm surprised at how well it worked. It truly is a MIRACLE product! I just wish I had found this product sooner!


“If I could give this product a million stars, I would.”

As previous reviewers have said, I was too embarrassed to go to a doctor about the anal itching I was having, and as a last resort tried Balneol. It was like a miracle lotion, worked immediately and didn't feel gross or anything. It also did not burn like some creams/cleansers did. I am just now buying a refill bottle and I bought the original in June 2007. Packaging is boring, but who cares when it works!


“Helps relieve irritation and dryness.”

This product really helps relieve irritation and dryness. And it's so nice to buy on drugstore.com and not suffer through the checkout lane!


“Made my life a lot more comfortable.”

I have suffered from a fissure on and off for almost a year. I have tried many creams, balms and washes to put an end to the burning and irritation. This product seems to do the trick. It goes on easy, takes away the burning, and a little goes a long way. This cream has made my life a lot more comfortable. I carry one with me where ever I go just in case I need it. A great product!


“Amazed at the results.”

I used this item for the first time and I am amazed at the results. I had a really bad case of anal itching that started to spread. I had tried the popular ointments and creams and they did not help the itching at all. Too embarrassed to go to a doctor I wanted to take care of it myself and this lotion was a final resort. Wow after a few days of applications morning and night, the irritation cleared up so amazingly fast! I was skeptical because of the fragrance. I thought it would further irritate my skin, but I was wrong. I have no more itching and I highly recommend this lotion. The bottle is small but it goes a long way.


“The first time I got relief immediately.”

It was really great not to itch in that area anymore. I found a life saver. I'll recommend it to anyone with itching or irritation.


“There is nothing else like this product.”

There is nothing else like this product on the market. It does the job well, and smells fresh and clean. You can even use it for kids who may not wipe so well.


“The greatest thing ever! Balneol is the answer!”

Pros: Relives itching *fast*

Cons: The only negative thing is that many walk-in drugstores don't yet carry Balneol


As you can tell from the title of this review, Balneol has drastically improved my life. I mostly use it for vaginal cleansing when itchy. I also use it for cleansing after diarrhea/loose stools. I have tried many other products, and this works 100 times better than anything else I've found. I showed it to my gynecologist, and she's now recommending it to her patients. Full Disclosure: I don't own any Balneol stock, but I sure wish I did :)


“Colon-Rectal Surgeon Recommendation.”

A good friend is a colon-rectal surgeon, and he recommended this product for itching and other rectal symptoms.


“Every household should have this lotion!”

From people with IBD or IBS to people with the occasional diarrhea. This lotion will relieve all those unwanted symptoms! I suffer from Crohn's, and this lotion has kept me clean and free from infections and irritation. I do not suffer any of the itching, burning, or sores that many chronic sufferers have. My husband and children now use it during their episodes. It is a small amount, but well worth the money. A bottle will last at least 6 to 8 months even in the busiest of households.


“Very sensitive skin.”

It was very soothing and cool to my skin. The soothing sensation lasts for a long time and actually provides some protection to very sensitive areas. The lotion is thick enough so you can spread it on toilet paper, but it won't start the toilet paper breaking down like water will. This also eases disposal. Balneol significantly eases itching from chafing or dry skin. You use only a little, so the 3 fl. oz. bottle lasts a very long time. Also, I have very sensitive skin and had no problems at all with Balneol.


I really can't begin to tell you how much this product has improved my life. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating Balneol. - Joseph